Andrew Hurt


Andrew Hurt is an American actor fairly new to the Christian film world, but has thus far acted in several major independent films including Beyond the Mask (2015), and award winning Polycarp (2015). Being passionate about acting and the arts from a very young age, Andrew was never more at home than when exploring and expanding his abilities to bring a story to life for people to see. Andrew finds his center by truly becoming the characters he is given to portray. No matter if it is a credited extra or a lead role, he holds nothing back. Andrew has also gained experience in nearly every aspect of film-making including Grip and Electric, Art Department, Stunt Double, Set PA, Acting, and so forth which, has given him the ability to understand the whole process behind bringing a script to life. His film career began by working Set Construction for Beyond the Mask; after which he was asked to stay on and work G&E, and as a result, was able to audition and quickly land a minor role in the film, as well as being Stunt Double and Acting Double for lead actor Andrew Cheney (Seasons of Grey, 77 Chances). Since then, he has acted in several short and full feature films including His Brother's Keeper (2014), award winning short film Wanted (2015), and Kendrick Brother's: War Room (2015). Besides acting, Andrew also enjoys playing guitar, singing, sword fighting, horse training, horse riding, martial arts, hunting, and good strong coffee. He has attended and successfully completed the ALERT Academy training program which is a military formatted Search and Rescue unit based in Big Sandy Texas. The ALERT men are renowned both for the extreme and arduous nature of their training and their ability to overcome every challenge given with speed, precision, and ingenuity. Andrew's dream and goal is to be the best that he can possibly be, not for personal gain; but for the glory of God and the sake of the art itself. Andrew is a devoted Christian and takes very seriously the Bible verse, "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;" (Colossians 3:23) As Andrew put it, "Acting is a way to portray the virtues and vices that every human knows. It is a way to speak directly to people about the most important thing that they own: their soul."


Movie Name Release Date
War Room Movie Free Download 720p August 28, 2015